Megamaps for Hobbit Kingdoms of the Middle Earth!


Intelligence for Social Mobile Games

Our goal is to build the ultimate game support site for the hit mobile game by, "Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth", a game based on the popular Lord of the Rings movies based on books by JRR Tolkien. Kabam's game allows you to build your own city, estate, and neighborhood as well as create armies of dwarves and elves to raid other families, just like the movies.

How do we help social game players?

Did you just get attacked by someone and don't know what their coordinates are? Are you tired of scrolling through the map world on Hobbit KoM? Do you play in the middle of the night when no one else is around to help you out? Would you prefer to spend time strategizing instead of scrolling mindlessly around the map where everything looks the same?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then MegaMaps is the solution for you! Intelligence support for social games is our expertise. Play smarter and increase your chances of winning by using MegaMaps. Find those players that move their hoods and hit them hard.

We track all the players on all the servers, so you don't need to. Use our comprehensive look up tables that we have gathered from the top players on multiple servers and find who you are looking for!